All About Ben

That's Me! Welcome. So you want to know more about me. I am 14. I am a freshman in high school. (Not to brag but I am also #1 in my class.) I enjoy playing baseball, basketball, golf, and tennis. I am interested in art and have many of my own works on display. I also have my very own cartoon. which I think up and draw myself. It is called ANDREW. It is about one of my friends who is, how can I put it, not too bright. I lived in England for most of 1993. Life there is different but personally I like it better here. I am also interested in automotives, especially design. I don't get as carried away as some of my friends, and if you know me you know who I am talking about, but I am still interested. If there is anything else you want to know then email me. Bye.

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