Star Wars Trivia

So, you think you know a lot about
The Greatest Movies Ever Made, do you?
Test your Jedi knowledge with this trivia challenge.

1. What did the Millenium Falcon make in twelve parsecs?

2. Out of both the Empire and the Rebellion, what's the fastest combat fighter?

3. What new landspeeder model made Luke's obsolete?

4. Who called Threepio a "mindless philosopher"?

5. How old was Luke at the end of A New Hope?

6. Who did Threepio often give thanks to throughout the Trilogy?

7. What are the small circles on the Jedi training remote model actually made from? Bonus - What word is printed on them?

8. Which orchestra performed the music for A New Hope?

9. Who was the only Rebel pilot to survive all three movies?

10. Who played the character in question 9?

11. What's the technical term for dropping out of hyperspace?

12. What was the number of the garbage compactor in A New Hope?

13. Name the creature that lived in the garbage compactor.

14. What was Boba Fett's real name?

15. Fill in the blank - "The ________ ______ are not to be traveled lightly."

16. How many times did "glowin'" Ben Kenobi appear to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back?

17. During production of The Empire Strikes Back, Lucas was concerned about "leaks" regarding the plot. To hide crucial plot twists, the script named another as Luke's father. Who was it?

18. What is the significance of R2D2's name?

19. Name the first Ewok seen in Return of the Jedi.

20. What was the Forest Moon of Endor also known as?

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