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The Site is UP!
The site is back up after a long vacation, thanks to the fun folks at namezero - but I can't complain too much, since they gave me a free domain name. I'll get back to working on the content here after GRADUATION!!!... ahem. Anyway, you can e-mail me with any questions. Thanks!
Breaking News: Open for Business
by John Heins
The long-awaited web site,, has finally

"This site will be the savior of insomniacs"
been completed. Few sites in the history of the internet have been as anticipated as this one, according to experts close to the site's creator. "This site will be the savior of insomniacs," one expert on sleep deprivation said. "This could quite possibly be the medical breakthrough of the Twenty-First century," said another. The general sentiment is quite clear - another cybergiant in the medical and entertainment industry has arrived.

"I think it'll be fun," the site's illustrious creator said modestly of his ingenious creation. "It's really no big deal - just a place for insomniacs to go when they want something to do on the internet. Of course, they don't have to go at night... and they don't have to be insomniacs." One of the site's first visitors has already said that he spent the entire night addicted to the site, even though it doesn't have any content yet.

"I think it'll be fun"
Once the site is completely operational, it is expected to become one of the internet's greatest powerhouses. As soon as its parent company, Far2Late Entertainment, goes public (Owner John Heins quotes a possible IPO date of "never"), its stock is expected to surpass Yahoo in value.

So another valuable lesson has been learned in the world of the internet - Don't mess with Far2Late Entertainment Enterprises, ltd.

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