About John - like you really care. :-)
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My name is John. If you didn't already know that, then you are not one of the people that I sent here directly, and you are among the few, the proud, the... etc., who have surfed into my web site! If you are one of those people, then please drop me a note via e-mail, so that I will know that I am not being completely ignored.

Agewise, I am in the general vicinity of, and relatively near, but not quite at, 25 years, even though I am closer to 20, and even closer than that to 17. In fact, I am 16. I don't have a license yet, but maybe someday.

My interests cover a wide range of topics. Very wide. I enjoy sports greatly and I play them at my school. (Visit my school's web site from my page of serious links!) I play soccer, squash (a great sport, don't let anyone tell you otherwise) and lacrosse (the greatest sport on the face of the planet). Among my hobbies are ventriloquism, computer stuff, (games, programming, mp3s, and just dabbling) eating candy, and loafing about. I have picked up a NEW hobby, too! For my 15th birthday, my sister gave me a stunt kite, and I have been having lots of fun with that. I can do a couple of tricks now. That is about it in the hobby department.

Drop me a note if you like my web page, or if you don't, give me any suggestions you have. (Sign my guestbook to fill it up!!)


Email: jduct@hotmail.com