New Mailing!!!

If, a month ago, one of my faithful visitors had clicked on an e-mail link,
and, if their internet browser had not been set up to send e-mail,
they would have gotten, instead of a convenient form to fill out and send an
e-mail with, a simple error message. Tragic, but the truth must be told.

Luckily, John, in his surfing, has discovered yet another
way to copy off other people webwise, and has found a
neeto* little function that allows his visitors to send
mail without their browser having been set up for e-mail. Yay!

So now, a visitor can just click a link, fill out a form with their
e-mail, and click a button to send a message to John. (It is a good
thing that all stories that start out sadly have a
happy ending, otherwise you might not be able to reach me! Boo-hoo.)

Click here to test the CGImail!

The fine print

*I know no one else spells "neato" that way, but I just like "neeto" better. So there.